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Jessica Lloyd December 17, 2023
"I've been to a lot of chiropractors and experienced many levels of care. Dr. Terry is amongst the most skilled and initiative in the practice. He's very precise with his adjustments and is able to isolate key issues. Not only is he an amazing doctor but also a great person. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable right away. I fully trust Dr. Terry with my chiropractic needs. Thanks for keeping me healthy!"
Jaime Kilgore October 30, 2023
"Today was my first visit with Dr. Loher and my first experience with a chiropractor. I was hesitant to go but have been dealing with back pain for several weeks. He has a wonderful personality, is very professional, and thoroughly explained everything to me. I left feeling 100% better than when I got there and look forward to going back."
Monika Bennett Prestwood October 27, 2023
"My first experience at Vida Chiropractic was a good one. Dr. Loher listened to my concerns and explained what he could do to help me with my neck pain. I have been twice so far and although I have high chiropractor anxiety, I feel comfortable being in his care. I have a plan and I am committed to following through and getting relief. I would recommend Dr. Loher, he is a super nice guy."
Paige de Guzman October 17, 2023
"I just moved to TN and needed a chiropractor b/c I have been under care for 15+ years. I tried a place out but it didn’t “align” with my current needs. As soon as Dr Terry adjusted me I knew he was THE ONE. He is very targeted to what your issues are. You’ll never get the same adjustment as somebody else. He refers to your X-rays and uses a tool to help focus on the area that needs attention. I’ve feel so good in the last few weeks being under his care. Also, he’s just a really cool, nice guy. Love his energy and his attention to detail. Happy to call him a friend 😊"
Tonya Carden September 29, 2023
"Dr. Terry is amazing!!! He practices the gonstead method and it is the most non evasive Chiropractic practice. I drive over an hour each way just to see him."
Jimmy Massengale September 29, 2023
"I am NOW a believer, I'll start by freely admitting that I had never seen a chiropractor before this one..I've never even gotten a massage, I'm just not that kinda guy. I should add that I am 35, healthy, fairly active. And I avoid the doctor's office whenever possible. Over the summer I had a couple of falls which left me pretty sore. I ignored the pain for a week or so until getting out of bed. And sleeping became rather difficult. I began to feel better after the first couple of appointments, and it's not been maybe two months and I can say that I feel 100 % again. I now see Dr. Terry for routine adjustments every couple of weeks and I leave the office feeling better each day. Terry is easy to talk to, incredibly helpful, and as it turns out. He's not a witch doctor at all!"